Fly over 50%

  1. Strategy Settings:
    • The strategy is named “Flyover” and is set to overlay on the price chart with an initial capital of $10,000.
    • Pyramiding is enabled with a maximum of 3 entries.
  2. Custom CCIs Calculation:
    • CCIs (Commodity Channel Index) are calculated based on the provided lengths and source data (SILVER prices).
    • The CCIs are smoothed using different moving average methods selected by the user.
  3. Bollinger Bands:
    • Bollinger Bands are calculated with the specified length and standard deviation.
    • The upper and lower bands are plotted on the chart.
  4. Trend Filter:
    • Trend direction is determined using exponential moving averages (EMA) over the specified period.
    • Buy and sell conditions are based on the comparison between the closing price and the EMA.
  5. Volatility Filter:
    • Volatility is measured using the standard deviation of closing prices.
    • A simple moving average of the standard deviation is used as a filter.
  6. Moving Average Parameters:
    • Two moving averages are calculated with different lengths.
    • These moving averages are used in buy and sell conditions.
  7. Signal Line Calculation:
    • A custom signal line is calculated using a series of exponential moving averages based on the Percentage Price Oscillator (PMO) and its signal.
  8. Silver and USDX Parameters:
    • Parameters related to SILVER and USDX (U.S. Dollar Index) are calculated, including EMAs and stochastic indicators.
  9. Entry and Exit Conditions:
    • Buy conditions are based on various factors, including Bollinger Bands, moving averages, CCIs, and trend filters.
    • Sell conditions are similarly determined, taking into account the opposite scenarios.
  10. Stop Loss and Take Profit:
  • Stop loss and take profit levels are dynamically set based on the position’s average price and user-defined parameters.
  • Trailing stop functionality is also implemented.
  1. Alerts:
  • Alerts are triggered when buy conditions are met, notifying the user to take action.

This strategy aims to capture potential trends in the market by combining various technical indicators and filters. Traders can further optimize and backtest the strategy to refine its performance.